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Project Kinect for Azure

Update 2/25/19: Here is a newly available image of the productized Azure Kinect sensor:

The image above shows that there are no apertures on the 'wings' on the Kinect sensor and therefore it does not contain the laser projector. Instead, they are in the black boxes that are coupled to the waveguide lenses.

Here is the Project Kinect for Azure sensor for Microsoft Hololens.

The next generation HoloLens will use Project Kinect for Azure, to integrate with Microsoft’s intelligent cloud and intelligent edge platform.
Microsoft has still not revealed when the next generation of HoloLens will be coming, but with the device having passed its second birthday it is believed to be sooner rather than later.

Here is the explanatory image of the Project Kinect for Azure sensor used in Satya Nadella's May 7 presentation. We can see call outs for the "Dual lasers for close and far range", and for the "Megapixel Sensor".

What is not called out are the silver boxes on either side of the sensor, one labeled "Class 1 laser product". That essentially declares that those familiar looking silver boxes contain lasers.

If the sensor package is aligned with the center of the wearer's forehead, then the two silver "Class 1 laser product" boxes would align with the wearer's left and right eyebrows.

Here's a view of the Microvision IPM (integrated photonics module) silver box with the top cover removed.

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