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Dear friends,

What a monumental week it has been. The uncloaking of the "LaSAR Alliance" led by ST Micro was a transformative event as it presents a fully-formed supply chain for MicroVision AR glasses, from MVIS-designed MEMS scanners manufactured by STM, laser diodes from OSRAM (subsidiary of $7B Austrian electronics supplier AMS), light engine module manufacturing capacity from Taiwan ODM Mega1, and newly-disclosed waveguide (AR lenses) manufacturing capacity from none other than $58B microchip equipment behemoth Applied Materials.  

Notably, STM commented that the LaSAR Alliance was open to new joiners, but the Alliance was exclusively focused on bringing laser beam scanning eyewear to market for consumers. Fixed pixel display providers are not invited, using an expression borrowed from Henry Ford: "You can use any display you want, as long as it's laser beam scanning."

The LaSAR presentation was a little bit surreal in that we had this consortium of large companies, each excellent in their space, describing their plans to bring MVIS-powered eyewear to market for consumers, and of course, there was no mention of MVIS -- until the QA session. I was transported to last February's HoloLens 2 unveiling, led off with the animated MVIS-designed MEMS scanner that makes the product possible, and descriptions of all of the disruptive aspects of laser beam scanning technology -- but no reference or mention of MicroVision itself, despite their ownership of the technology and IP and long history as development partners on the product.

This time was indeed different, as the presentation was besieged by MVIS investors all thinking (and saying) the same thing as slide after slide describing MVIS tech was presented featuring many company logos and credits, except for the owner of the laser beam scanning technology itself. This obvious omission was not simply shrugged off. To ST's credit, they acknowledged MVIS as "a great company," with "great technology" and that they are a "very strong, close partner" of STM, "across the board." ST simply said they couldn't comment on the business relationship, or investments with MVIS. 

The formation of a full supply chain for consumer eyewear is a big step for MVIS. It makes me think back to my time with the company (I left nearly ten years ago) and I can only imagine how exciting it must be for the people who are working there, making this all possible today. 

It makes me think about people who contributed so much to MicroVision for so long, but didn't get to see this day come, in particular my friend Gary Peterson, who lead our business development work for military eyewear with real excellence, and recently departed former MVIS Chairman Slade Gorton.

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and with the LaSAR alliance representing a clear path-to-market in terms of the supply chain for MVIS eyewear (just add an OEM), it seems like for the long-time supporters of MVIS, that time is now upon us. 


  1. Very true! Everyone is very excited about the upcoming news announcement about the strategic partner or future acquirer. or full buyout.. MVIS to the moon soon..... woo hoo....


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