The Eyes Have It

Article excerpt from IEEE Spectrum

here's a bit of it:

Other industries testing this laser-based display are:

-- Gaming - The large gaming industry hopes this technology will improve the virtual reality experience by delivering the content directly to the retina of the user.

-- Hospitals - As surgeons operate, they can use the see-through laser displays to monitor a patient's vital signs. Doctors can also refer to MRIs or CAT scans directly on these displays while they are working on the patient.

-- Military - The U.S. Army is currently testing a helmet-mounted display technology that allows commanders to view their surroundings and tactical information.

"If the laser or LED light that the display uses is the paint; the Microvision scanning mirror is the brush," said Harry Goldstein, senior associate editor, IEEE Spectrum. "We expect that in the next five years, these consumer applications will reach the market and these types of displays will appear on cell phones and cameras."

Interesting...the company hasn't publicly announced any testing of SBDs for gaming or partnerships with gaming companies like MSFT, Sony, Nintendo...they must all be aware of Microvision though...