Huge day

What a big move for the company today.

Up $.86 on double average volume (347,318 shares traded today).

We're now at $212.45M cap, $9.90 per share.

Big day, no news. People often speculate about large moves in a stock on big volume meaning that news is 'leaking' -- my take on this is that news doesn't have to 'leak' for the company to make big moves higher like this.

There are only 21M shares of the company in the whole world. If some institution or mutual fund, or even just some rich guy (or lady!) wants to make a good sized position, there's no way to do it without driving the price higher.

It's pretty plain to see that they will be able to sell a whole lot of Nomad IIs. I am of the ilk that says if Honda signs a letter of intent to purchase 3800 Nomad II units, then that is just what they will do. I also think a lot of other companies will do the same.

What could the catalyst be that would cause some deep pocketed folks to decide now is the time to buy MVIS?

Pick one or more:

1. We are in 2Q2004, with estimates of record $6M revenue, mostly from product sales.

2. Nomad II is in production and sales are happening presently.

3. Flic is 'gaining traction' and the sales outlook is very promising (thanks NCR).

4. Automotive applications are nearing go/no go decision time for upcoming model years and the outlook may be positive.

5. The only way to own Lumera (apart from participating in a financing) is to buy MVIS and Lumera has some pretty great stuff happening right now.

6. Additional $$ from Uncle Sam for continuing development contracts and/or more Nomads for our forces in Iraq.

7. Microvision's digital camera viewfinder solution is nearly complete and could go into production as early as 2005.

8. Laser Printer progress is exceeding expectations...

It could be any of these, or something else entirely. That's what's so exciting about this company. The SBD engine can do so many things, and it's such a simple, elegant solution.

For right now, my guess is the excitement over the Nomad II reception is hard to contain up at headquarters...