Today is the first day of the rest of our lives...

Microvision has said that their plan is to have the Nomad II production line rolling by the end of March.

Well, we are here in April, and it is the start of the second quarter. Estimates are that we will make $6M in revenue this quarter. I'm not sure but I'd guess that this is a record for revenue in a quarter.

I'd wager that the majority of this revenue will come from the sales of production Nomad II units. There remains the potential for really big orders for Nomad II over the next several quarters as the initial seed units are utilized in the field and feedback gets to the corporate decision makers.

We have heard about Honda, and Volvo Trucks field trials. Both of these trials resulted in over 30% efficiency gains for technicians. My feeling is, these kind of huge gains for expert and novice mechanics can simply not be overlooked by the decision makers for these companies. MVIS has worked side by side with Honda to develop the Nomad II solution -- and they have already pledged to purchase 3800 units.

Field trials with other large automakers are underway although the company has not announced this in any PRs. It is safe to say that we can feel good about the results of these trials as well.

Basically, Nomad II has potential blockbuster written all over it.

But, the trend that Nomad II illustrates is, to me, even more important.

In January 2002, the Nomad I was released, which cost $12,000 and was three times as large and bulky as the Nomad II.

In the two years since, MVIS has been able to slice costs by 2/3 and reduce the package size to fit under a baseball cap comfortably.

What this portends for 2006 is very exciting indeed....