HoloLens 2 Update

Updated Investor Intro PDF - Micro-HUD

There's a new Investor PDF

on the Microvision website. Some new info about Lumera -- but most interesting to me is this new info about the Micro-HUD:

Automotive Displays

Over the last three years Microvision has been building prototype displays for automotive customers to demonstrate the range of capabilities enabled by the company’s technology platforms. The most promising of these is a new compact head-up display – “Micro-HUD” –the first variation of which was installed in a European luxury sedan in the fall of 2003. The Micro-HUD leverages off the Nomad engine architecture, incorporating specific advantages of Microvision’s laser scanning technology:

The Micro-HUD

• Many degrees of freedom to optimize the optical design and make possible a smaller and more compact

• overall package readily adaptable to different car models.

• A dynamic range exceeding one million to one that provides a very bright, high contrast image that is crisp and distinct over the full range of ambient light conditions. The driver sees only the content being displayed (and not the entire panel as with LCD-based HUDs).

• The ability to pre-distort and displace content. Electronic alignment can be used to ensure a quickly installed unit delivers an image with the right shape and in the correct location for a wide range of windshield surfaces.

• Low thermal loading and high thermal tolerance. Lasers and highly efficient beam shaping optics require little or no radiators used on other systems to dissipate heat. A high tolerance to incoming solar heat also eliminates the need for cold mirrors, shutters, or other temperature control devices. Of particular significance, with the Micro-HUD Microvision has pioneered the development of new beam shaping and other optical technology and can now deliver an exceedingly bright and completely speckle-free image that meets critical requirements.

The target market is mid to high end automobiles with a broader future potential as volume drives down unit costs.