Waiting for the kettle to boil...


I think the Nomad Expert Technician System (Nomad II) production line is rolling and units are being cranked out.

I think that these units are subsequently shipped off to eager auto repair technicians and dealerships.

I think that we are well on our way to achieving record revenue, estimated at $6M in 2Q2004.

But I don't know for sure, and if anyone outside the company knows, they ain't telling.

I think the company will issue a press release of some kind in the near future, highlighting a recent positive development like the sales of Nomad II to Honda, Volvo Trucks or the US DoD.

In the meantime, MVIS stock has been holding up fairly well in the face of a strong downdraft in the general market. We don't know what's happening at MVIS, but it's ok to guess, right?

Here are my guesses at the current state of business affairs at MVIS:

1. MVIS and Honda are dotting the Is and crossing the Ts on a nice size purchase order for Nomad II. Negotiations may be ongoing with other automakers and suppliers.

2. Stryker brigade comes up with some money for much needed Nomads for soldiers in Iraq.

3. Development contracts for highly advanced ruggedized color displays may be being discussed between MVIS and partners.

4. NCR has taken the Flic baton and is holding up their end of the OEM agreement by actually marketing the product. Promising...

5. More development contracts are in the works for automotive, laser printing...

6. Electronic View Finder good to go?...

7. Time to start thinking about the next funding. I would try and rustle up about $20M before too long.

8. Lumera's new products -- "Lumera says that its strategy is to focus on large commercial accounts, including WiFi network operators and systems integrators, as prospective launch customers. Both antennas are currently being evaluated and tested by a major global provider of wireless network services and also a major computer manufacturer." Could some momentum be gathering on this front?

Nobody knows, or if they do, they ain't saying!

I'm still waiting to hear about our cell phone development partners announced so many moons ago...