2D Bar Code Scanner Contract Awarded

Wow --

3 great PRs in 3 days.

2D Bar Code Scanner Contract Awarded.

"The device is designed to deliver the capabilities required by the customer for a specific product in the customer's current product line. Microvision anticipates that this initial bar code reader design would be appropriate for both handheld and presentation scanners that could be used in a broad range of applications...

...We believe ... that a 2D scanner with the unique mix of performance and price that we are targeting could address unmet demand in the marketplace and act as a catalyst for accelerated growth in the market for 2D systems."


My hat is off to these guys. They are demonstrating ability to sell the existing products (Flic, and Nomad soon to come), demonstrating their continuing ability to generate revenue from government contracts ($3.85M from DoD yesterday), and continuing to be awarded contracts for product development from large, deep pocketed partners.

This is a great ending to an absolutely phenomenal week. I hope these guys get rested up over the long weekend. There's more wood to cut out there.

Great stuff.