Wild times

Hot on the heels of yesterday's Lumera IPO registration,

we get today's PR, Microvision to Exhibit New Automotive Head-Up Display and Novel Head-Worn Displays At SID 2004 Conference.

The last line of the PR is exciting to me: "Microvision will also demonstrate groundbreaking scanned beam display solutions for use in potential hand-held consumer products, as well as full-color prototypes for military applications."

I want to see these hand-held products, big time.

Now, somehow in the face of this news and a quiet Nasdaq, MVIS stock managed to tank all the way down to $7.01 before what I can only describe as very strong support kicked in and notched it back up to (at 10:30 AM PST) $7.35. Still, a pretty rough couple of trading sessions in the face of pretty good news.

It isn't sales news though, and given the way this stock trades I pretty much have no idea what will happen until those first volume order PRs hit.

Oy oy headache!