Augmented Reality Movies

Here are some great movies from Jim Vallino's Augmented Reality Page.

There are a bunch there (Video Clips of Augmented Reality System in Operation), but here are a few that stood out for me:

Cube Hockey

Spinning the Globe

The Two Towers

Seeing the real world user interact with the virtual world objects is something else. Taking these concepts a little further, one can imagine a million possiblities.

I don't want to get too far out here -- but if you can manipulate 3D digital images that look like part of the real world, then this could serve as the man/machine interface for things like MIT's Project Oxygen.

Imagine that you have a little 'virtual computer' that travels with you and hovers by your side as you walk around. No one can see this but you -- it's projected to your field of view by your Nomad -- you can 'press a button' on it to bring up information about your environment, switch to have your personal schedule displayed, switch again to enter complete virtual reality once you're back home and on the couch. Your gestures manipulate this virtual object, which in turn sends signals back to the mobile computer that's connected to your Nomad.

Hmm. Interested to hear your feedback on this idea.