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Human Body Could Soon Activate Cell Phone Commands

"Inventor Masaaki Fukumoto explained that the key to the phone uses a microphone and receiver placed on the tendon in your wrist.

'This phone uses bone conduction,' he explained. 'The vibrations travel up your finger and echo in your ear canal, so it's the only sound you hear.'

'Pretty soon, the only thing you will need when you walk out the door is a phone and a handkerchief. You can shop with your phone, organize your schedule, monitor your home, everything,' Irukayama said.

Irukayama insists that the new phones will not just benefit humans. In consumer tests, feeding your pet through your phone was one of the most popular uses."

(Be sure to check out the accompanying video on the same page.)


If anyone had any doubts left that humans and intelligent machines are inexorably merging, I think this kind of thing will put those doubts to rest. If you've ever told anyone about MVIS and had them say 'oh, I don't want a laser in my eye!' then you know what I'm talking about.

This 'resistance to change' is what Rodney Brooks calls clinging to a notion of 'tribal specialness'. We as humans need to put some mental distance between ourselves and our technology (and the rest of the animal world).

We also seem to think that physically incorporating technology into our bodies is too much -- but ask a formerly deaf person if they'd like to have their cochlear implant removed and you'll hear a different story.

These concepts of human uniqueness and tribal specialness are being challenged daily. With every cell phone that buzzes your wrist tendons instead of emitting a ring, with context aware personalized location-based services that know where you are and what you're doing, with displays that write directly to your field of view -- we are immersing our bodies and minds into a 3-Dimensional internet -- leveraging the capabilities of pervasive high-speed communications, AI, Microvision scanned beam displays and advancing 3D software to create an 'information environment' to inhabit, where our minds have capabilities formerly impossible to achieve.

Stuff like Researchers Demonstrate Direct, Real-Time Brain Control Of Computer Cursor from 2002 shows that we are a lot further along on this path than we may like to think.

Resistance to man/machine synergy is a tiny pebble in the torrential stream of progress.


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