MVIS Blog Letters

Hi BJ,

just to say thank you for your good work here and some nice greetings from Germany.

I really enjoy every new posting, checking for it every day - as you can imagine it´s really hard here in Germany to get some news from MVIS, guess only a handful of people knew this company (apart from the professionals here from BMW, Volkswagen/Audi and DaimlerChrysler).

We also have a board here were we discuss about MVIS, all together should be 10-15 people (guess this will change within the coming years).

What´s really surprising for me is the way you have discovered MVIS, as it´s nearly the same with me:

I researched the web to find a company getting big in VR back in 1998 and found a company with a retinal display, that sounds fantastic for me - but i had some doubts that i have discovered the new Microsoft and forgot it for a while.

Then in 2002 i saw Ray Kurzweil in German TV and thought, hey this guy seems to know a lot of things. So i got his book "The age of spiritual machines".

I found it really hard to read, but reaching page 297 i got rewarded as he named a virtual Display.

So i returned back to the web to check "my" discovery and found it at 3 USD.

Seems sometimes life does it alone, you only need to follow.

I´m looking forward for the next 5 years, as Ray is expecting the breakthrough in 2009 - if he really is right, we´ll have no problems after it.

Kind regards,

Michael, Germany


Thanks for writing to MVIS Blog, Michael! $3 bucks! Talk about good timing.

Life does indeed do it alone for us sometimes. All we need to do is follow, and sometimes get out of the way!

Write to MVIS Blog.