TA says MVIS

Zacks.com Technical Analysis guru says MVIS is about to break out.

I guess rising price and rising volume mean it's a good time to buy MVIS shares.

But I will feel bad for the TA folks who sell out for a 20% gain and miss out on the next 20,000%.

Any reasonable analysis of the future of the digital economy and technology in general points to Microvision succeeding in commercializing the scanned beam display technology.

At roughly $200M market cap, this imminent commercialization is just not priced in to the company's shares. We are still valued as a military R&D company. If you ask me, no value is pegged to the company's future revenue stream from commercial sales. I think this is due to just being under the radar of the general stock buying public. When we start selling the Nomad in large quantities and revenues start piling up in year over year comparisons, we will see the national press and recognition we've all been waiting for -- along with the real stock 'breakout' that will ruin MVIS short sellers and give MVIS longs reason to pop the champagne.