Wireless Devices Help Police Fight Crime

Wireless Devices Help Police Fight Crime

"A growing number of police departments now have instant access via handheld wireless devices to vast commercial databases that contain details on just about anyone officers encounter on the beat.

In a time of terrorism worries, the information could theoretically save lives, or produce clues that an eagle-eyed cop could use to solve a case."


There's only one problem with this. While the cops are looking down at their Blackberries, the perp is getting away.

Only a Microvision Nomad can present this information in realtime, transparently, while the cops keep their hands free, and their eyes on the criminal.

For this reason, I think that Law Enforcement will be a key market for Nomad.

(See 'Law Enforcement and Augmented Reality' MVIS Blog post from 6/16/04.)