Army Accelerates Future Combat System

DefenseLINK News: Army Accelerates Future Combat System

"At the system's heart is an integrated network that gives unprecedented situational awareness to soldiers. The move will increase the connectivity and intelligence sharing within combat formations, Griffin said. This "spiral development" approach allows the Army to incorporate technological developments as new technologies mature, while allowing the Army to work on how to incorporate the changes in the new brigade combat teams.

"We are already growing that network," said Lt. Gen. Joseph Yakovac, military deputy to the assistant Army secretary for acquisition, logistics and technology. "When the 3rd Infantry Division goes back to Iraq, they will have a much different networking capability than they had when they went north (to Baghdad) the first time."

Part of what is driving this is the hothouse growth of technology. Yakovac cited the growth of wireless technologies as an example. The Army now, for example, has a tactical operations center running wireless."

Microvision's Nomad is the only helmet-mounted display ever used in battle by the US Armed Forces. The Army's Future Combat System (FCS), including the Stryker Brigade Combat Team, is keenly aware that bringing information to the point of task is critical to improving situational awareness. And that a secure, high-speed wireless information network is only as valuable as the ability of the soldier or pilot to assimilate the information being received.

Head-up, hands-free information delivery via Nomad is the critical link from the military's secure sensor network to the soldiers on the battlefield.

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