Augmented Solutions

Microvision's partner in Germany, Augmented Solutions is "the first provider of commercial Augmented Reality (AR) systems...our business focus is to find new AR-based concepts and to develop practical applications for our customers...The challenge is on – every day – so we all share the passion to meet our future vision of Augmented Reality Technology with the needs of our customers and partners. "

A very nicely done What is Augmented Reality? page is here, along with a great looking Nomad section.

If this is a genuine customer list, then good things are happening.

"Augmented Reality is a new form of man-machine-interaction, which analyses the real environment with special procedures, i.e. computer vision algorithms, and then superimposes digital information into the real environment.

Combined with semi-transparent head mounted displays situation-dependent information can be superimposed with the real environment. The power of this technology can be demonstrated by superimposing virtual work-instructions for a mechanic.

Using Augmented Reality an untrained mechanic can service complex machinery since the information about his tasks are superimposed in his field of view."


Inch by inch, MVIS technology is filtering into the mainstream world economy.

Great stuff. Thanks to zeeker_2u.