Boeing Bets on 'Net-Centric' Warfare

Boeing Bets on 'Net-Centric' Warfare

"'Net-centric operations' allow ground forces to communicate through a computer web with airborne and other units. The technology enables front-line troops and commanders in the rear to get a true picture of the battlefield and shortens response time.

Company officials have estimated the market for net-centric systems could reach $200 billion over the next 10 years, for communications networks, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance projects, command-and-control integration and systems to provide global situational awareness.

'The capabilities are mind-boggling,' said Jim Albaugh, who heads Boeing's Integrated Defense Systems program.

Every Boeing-produced fighter jet, command-and-control plane, helicopter, unmanned vehicle or other craft, including the Navy's new multimission aircraft, will be equipped to link with net-centric operations, Albaugh said.

'For many years it used to be about force. Now, it's all about networks — who can see first, who can react first,' he said."


Who can see first? The guys with the see-through heads-up displays.