Fun with Numbers

Market Cap (intraday): 131.13M

Total Cash (mrq): 14.79M

LMRA Stake: 33.05M

MVIS' 100 Patents, all present and future Patent Applications,

future cash flow from all scanned beam display and imaging products --

including Nomad, Flic, Electronic View Finder, Micro-HUD, Gaming Glasses, Cell Phone Displays, 2D Barcode Scanners, Laser Cameras, Military Cockpit Displays, CRT Replacement Displays, Laser Televisions, Eyeglass Displays: 83.29M

What can you say about this market other than it has no idea what the true value of Microvision is. It shouldn't take long for it to come to its senses, once it realizes that the technology is being successfully commercialized.