I've got a peaceful, easy feeling

One thing that we know for certain is that the future will be dramatically different than the present. The trick for investors is to figure out what those differences will be. We do have a couple of things that we can rely on -- chip speeds will continue to accelerate and bandwidth will continue to widen.

From 2050 on June 30, to Friday's close at 1880, the Nasdaq has dropped in a steeper-than-45 degree angle all month long. MVIS stock has dropped right along with it. So while the emotion of the stock price slide can be tough to take, when we evaluate the situation with our rational mind some things become clear.

The markets can roil with weak earnings reports, interest rate concerns, the Olympics, 'orange alert', election worries, etc. People can run for some perceived safety by shunning high-tech small-cap stocks and putting their money under the mattress while they hide in the closet from Osama bin Laden.

But the work goes on, day after day. Progress is made. Patents are issued. Designs are improved upon. The mission is the same, whether the stock is $10 or $6. And every day that passes is one day closer to the day that Microvision's high-brightness, see-through scanned beam display platform will make LCD screens obsolete.

Don't light yourself on fire. It'll go back up.