The most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life... this Microvision patent application for re-writable holographic data storage.


A holographic information storage and retrieval system provides an all-optical reversible method to fix information in doped or undoped photorefractive materials. The fixed information is sufficiently stable to provide long term archival storage over a period of decades or more and can be read out non-destructively by a coherent reference beam. Holograms recorded in a photorefractive material are fixed when the material is irradiated with incoherent ultraviolet light. Hence, the holograms are preserved indefinitely against erasure by a coherent beam and against dissipation in dark storage. Holograms, which are fixed in the photorefractive material with incoherent ultraviolet light, are also erased with incoherent ultraviolet light, thus making the process reversible.

In volume data storage, information is stored in the form of holograms throughout the three dimensional volume of a light sensitive material. Volume data storage offers great potential for extremely dense mass storage and fast information processing. For example, it is possible to store a terabyte or more of data on a one-centimeter cube."

Information in the form of light, indeed.