Nomad Distributor in Sydney, Australia

C1 - Solutions: Microvision Heads Up Visual Display system for Automotive, Military and Defence Applications - Sydney Australia.

C1 Consulting: "Australia's Leading Mobility Computing and High-Tech Consulting Group."

Between these guys in Australia, Augmented Solutions in Germany, and Marubeni Aerospace in Japan, we are getting a nice international flavor to Nomad distribution.


Stock market acting like the gopher that saw its shadow.

MVIS closed today at $7.80. $167.68M will buy you the entire company.

With the Lumera IPO on deck for next week at a $7 offer price, and 5.5M LMRA shares owned by Microvision, MVIS is poised to have a potential $40M+ asset materialize on the balance sheet in a matter of days.

But, while the early sales performance of the Nomad Expert Technician System is still unknown, there is a lot of room for speculation about the company's ability to execute on its plans.

For some, the company's large, deep-pocketed partners in enormous markets (Canon, BMW, VW/Audi, 'Large Asian Printer Company', etc etc) that are paying Microvision to develop revolutionary new products -- to be sold in multi-million unit quantities -- are not enough. They want to see Microvision finished-goods product sales. Follow through on the 3800 Nomad unit Letter of Intent from American Honda will go a long way towards soothing these nerves.