Notes from Rutkowski interview 6/15

Nomad Expert Technician System

Honda to buy 3800 units in first year of production.

Honda completed certification as 'recommended tool'.

Snap-on Tools to fulfill order to Honda in conjunction with 125 internal Honda sales reps.

Analysts expect 3000+ units sold in 2004, MVIS thinks this is a reasonable assertion.

Target market is 500,000+ service techs worldwide, considered early adopters.

Nomad product franchise goal is $200M annually.

Sales goal is 100,000 units annually at average selling price of $2000.

MVIS thinks this is attainable in automotive segment alone, other industries are in consideration.

Terrific response from OEMs, dealers and service techs.

GM, Chrysler and Ford are in certification process.

Reynolds and Reynolds, SPX and Snap-on distribution channel partners.

Basic premise validated by all parties -- service represents 48% of auto dealer profit.

Service bay productivity highly important to auto dealers.

Nomad in the Military

Stryker vehicle designed to move very fast. GPS vehicle information with tactical intelligence on a moving map display delivered to commander. Vehicle commander spends 70% of time with head-up, out of the hatch. Nomad is first combat deployed heads-up display in ground vehicles.

MVIS is driving cost out of heads-up military displays. Helmet mounted CRT costs $75-150,000 Nomad costs $6,000. Under contract for improved helicopter display -- $25M contract to date for helicopter displays. Couple the Nomad to infra-red sensor, plus realtime tactical moving map information. Reduce blue on blue (friendly fire) casualties.

1125th Brigade commanding officer came away from Nomad training exercise saying 'we have to have this'.

60,000 GPS moving maps going into Strykers, M1 Abrams, Bradleys, Humvees. Easy to migrate to airborne vehicles. Hope to equip next brigade as it is deployed in the coming months.


LEDs to be used for consumer products. Gaming eyeglasses that enable 3D immersive effects. Richer colors, more saturated, color depth, 'wow factor'. MVIS to supply display module to OEM to enable high quality digital experience. World of information technology is heading in MVIS direction. MVIS following the lead of OEM partners, 12-18 months away from being able to deliver the engine for consumer eyeglass displays for $40 target. Driving out costs is current focus. New scanning platform architecture being patented currently. Gaming guys are talking about wearable displays to achieve differentiation in the market -- polygon rendering difference is plateauing -- coming back to MVIS for gaming glasses.

Micro-HUD automotive head-up display. Identical to Nomad display, scaled up with larger lenses. Built into a package embedded in car dashboard. Image is perceived out at the at end of the car hood. GPS navigation is the catalyst driving auto heads-up display. BMW finds sell through to consumers is very good with head-up display using LCD with large 5 litre package.

MVIS delivered 1.5 litre package prototype to BMW/VW/Audi. Fits better in the dash panel, gives better daylight readability and better see-through capability at night. Leveraging Nomad technology -- marginal incremental investment to create auto product solution.

Team with Tier 1 suppliers, Bosch, Johnson Controls, Lear, Siemens to deploy Micro-HUD to vehicle manufacturers.

Nomad and Flic are just a start - Micro-HUD, EVF and Gaming provide product pipeline for future growth.

Lumera has product ready to go to market. MVIS owns 35% of Lumera after LMRA IPO. Paulson Investments underwriting the LMRA IPO.