ARTESAS: Advanced Augmented Reality Technologies For Industrial Service Applications

ARTESAS aims at the exploration and evaluation of Augmented Reality base technologies for applications in industrial service environments. The project is based on the results of the ARVIKA project (funded by the german ministry of education and research).The selected application fields of ARTESAS are:

Service for vehicles: Supply of information in the garage of the future – Improvement of efficiency and effectiveness for diagnosis and repair of vehicles.

Service for aircrafts: Pre- and after fly inspections of helicopters, service scenarios on aircrafts – Increasing productivity and quality of the service. Evaluation of AR technology in narrow and hard accessible installation spaces.

Service for automation systems: Service, maintenance and repair scenarios in the automation – Improved efficiency through AR-based support in varying dimensions and application conditions of devices, systems and plants (from standalone- and special machines up to transfer lines and process machines).

This is a serious AR website. These guys are not kidding around about using augmented reality technology to improve industrial service capabilities. The ARTESAS Consortium includes Siemens, BMW Group, and Nomad reseller Augmented Solutions among other notable companies. Great looking site, highly recommended. Also check out the ARVIKA project, the precursor to ARTESAS.

Big thanks to DanHenry.