Incredible Hulk reviews 2Q2004 results

The Hulk Microvision Q2 results make Hulk mad! Revenue for quarter puny $2.4 million! Hulk spare you details from press release.

Poor packaging yields of scanner assembly mean Microvision not able to make Nomad units needed to sell to meet revenue projections. Production problem mean bad revenue for company.

Hulk wife be mad at Hulk when she check stock price. Hulk friends laugh at Hulk for putting all Hulk money in MVIS stock and never shutting up about company. Evil super-villain David Rocker run hedge fund that sell MVIS stock short. Rocker make out like bandit from short sale while long like Hulk get beat up. Make Hulk want to smash puny David Rocker!

Hulk no lose hope. Hulk happy with free-air scanner use in Nomad now. Make Nomad cheaper and run longer. Nomad sell to all car dealers when car dealers see Nomad. Hulk know MVIS long term stock. Hulk know world need MVIS scanning displays for mobile digital content. Hulk know Micro-HUD get in platform for all cars from European auto maker. Hulk see Micro-HUD in person and Hulk very impressed.

Hulk so heavy in MVIS Hulk stick around for long term. Hulk hope company execute better in future.


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