MicroHUD Eval Kit Thoughts

Microvision's web site has been updated with a bunch of information about the MicroHUD evaluation kit.

With the announcement of the MicroHUD eval kit, Microvision is making a few important statements:

Product revenue from sales of MicroHUD is not necessarily a couple years out from here -- even a handful of MicroHUD eval kit sales will significantly aid the bottom line.

A customer does not need to enter into an R&D contract with Microvision in order to evaluate MicroHUD's potential benefits to their application.

MicroHUD is not just for passenger cars, but is a superior, generic solution for head-up information display with potential use in all types of vehicles, including heavy equipment.

Microvision is targeting the automotive aftermarket with MicroHUD in addition to the OEM new vehicle market.

With 3 MicroHUD eval kits in the hands of auto makers, and 3 more with Tier 1 automotive suppliers, MicroHUD has been put through its paces for a little while now. It stands to reason that the company feels very positive about what they have with the MicroHUD and that this is the reason they're ready to make it available to customers in the form of the generic eval kit.

The automotive aftermarket is huge. A bundled solution of MicroHUD with a GPS navigation system could be a very big seller for prominent aftermarket GPS installers like Visteon and Alpine. Unless you've seen it, you might not really know what the big deal is. But there is a 'wow factor' that is extremely high when you see the MicroHUD in action for yourself. Laser scanning provides cleaner, clearer, brighter images than LCD HUDs ever could. Simply an outstanding product and one that will quickly find its way to mainstream adoption.

Also, be sure to check out the Nomad Body Shop Estimating Application Note (PDF).