Pimp My Nomad

Microvision's market cap: $87.28M

Microvision's LMRA stake: $26.89M

The value assigned to the company itself, including the rights to the greatest portfolio of microscanning intellectual property on earth, and the future cash flow from all scanned beam display and imaging products: $60.39M

I'm not sure what there really is to be said about this, other than it is totally insane. There will come a day in the near future when these scanned beam display products are completely pervasive -- in cars, cell phones, TVs, cameras, eyeglass displays -- not to mention the bar code products and laser printers.

To own the rights to all the money the company will ever take in, all you have to do is pony up $60 million bucks.

I think Puff Daddy spends more than that on Cristal during a night out on the town with his posse.

I still think the company would be well advised to place Nomad in rap videos, the auto repair show 'Pimp My Ride' (play the Ride Pimper Game!) on MTV, etc. Rappers are pop culture trend setters. They set the tone and say whether something is 'dope' or 'wack'. Look at the frenzy Snoop Dogg set off just by inquiring about getting a free Chrysler 300. We give Puff Daddy or Snoop a free Nomad and they wear it in just one of their videos, millions and millions of people say 'what is that and where can I get one?'.

Seems silly but I'll guarantee it will work. The company will benefit tremendously from just simple recognition that they and their scanned beam display products exist, and more importantly, are 'cool'.

I dunno if this is 'out of the box' thinking or if that 'cross the chasm' Nomad marketing job is still open but I'll keep volunteering my marketing strategies.

P. Diddy, the ultimate Microvision pitch man.