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Video projectors will play a major role in future home entertainment and edutainment applications – ranging from movies and television, over computer games, to multimedia presentations. With video projectors images can be displayed that are larger than the devices themselves. However, we have to give up living space and ambience to set up artificial canvases that have to be as large as the desired image. Smart projectors are able to display correct images onto arbitrary existing screen surfaces, like wallpapered walls or window curtains. Thus it can function without an artificial canvas and consequently leaves a bit more freedom to us in the decision on how to arrange our living space. Our smart projectors combine camera feedback with structured light projection to gain information about the screen surface and the environment. The calibration of such a device is fast, fully automatic and robust, and the correction of video signals can be achieved in real-time. Neither geometry information nor projector or camera parameters need to be known. Instead, the entire calibration and correction (geometry and color) is done on a per-pixel level – supported by modern pixel shader hardware. Such devices might make it possible to convert your bookshelf into a TV screen, or your kid’s closet into an interactive virtual playground.
This is an outstanding site, highly recommended.