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Deployed Virtual Consulting: The Fusion of Wearable Computing, Collaborative Technology, Augmented Reality and Intelligent Agents to Support Fleet Aviation Maintenance


Abstract: This thesis addresses the need of Naval Aviation Maintenance to streamline and more effectively manage the process of technical consultation aboard deployed aircraft carriers. The current process involves the physical transportation of an appropriate technician to the carrier to perform required maintenance and/or repairs. In light of the technology currently available this process becomes obviously obsolete, overly costly and needlessly time consuming. By implementing wireless technology in combination with advanced software allowing the virtual collaboration of parties widely separated by geographical distance the Navy can establish a "virUal technical presence" onboard aircraft carriers wherever they may be in the world. This thesis will describe how the fusion of wearable computing, augmented reality, intelligent agents coupled with CoABS, and a modem collaborative software application can revolutionize Naval aviation maintenance as we know it. The technology is there - it only remains for the Navy to leverage it and take advantage of the significant returns that it will provide.

Transforming Fleet Network Operations with Collaborative Decision Support and Augmented Reality Technologies


Abstract: Current network administrators use network management software to monitor and control elements within a network, This is largely a manual process since managers must interrogate devices individually and evaluate performance statistics manually. The systems provide multiple views on network data but lack capabilities that allow operators to visualize network performance. Since personnel are required to identify problem, interpret potential solutions, and decide on appropriate corrective measures without automatic assistance, maintaining and solving problems for a network can be time- consuming and complex significantly reducing network efficiency

Mine warfare technology

The budget request included $31.7 million in PE 63782N to support research in mine and expeditionary warfare technology. The committee recommends an increase of $7.5 million in PE 63782N for this account: $3.5 million for augmented reality technologies which enhance maritime navigation, operational security and harbor defense; and $4.0 million for near global hyperspectral mapping of littoral regions.


  1. BJ and View, makes is easy to find these articles and they're more than happy to sell them for $23.95 or so. If you're willing to search the original sources you can often find the entire document online for a free download.

    The Deployed Virtual Consulting article is available as a 259 KB Adobe Acrobat PDF from the Naval Postgraduate School library. I had to allow a "popup" that started the download.

    If you think you want your car repaired right and fast the first time imagine if you're running a Navy aircraft carrier. The thesis does a good job describing wireless network use on carriers and the possible cost and time savings available. Mvis is mentioned but the photos show the older Xybernaut wearable and a MicroOptical display.



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