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MVIS and 3D Gaming

Humble thanks to bj for inviting me to post. Here's an interesting link.

view from afar

simulation and augmentation

There are new companies that specialise in simulating real world physics on low-end platforms.

Made up primarily of postgraduate mathematicians and physicists rather than game hackers, they simulate rigid body dynamics, cloth, smoke and fluids. They can breathe life into the sterile jointed wireframe shapes that are produced by 3d modeling packages, making 3D game worlds more lifelike.

[Beyond this, in the longer term, physics models may help you judge the best moment to cross the road or make it harder to crash your car. Tomorrow's augmenting devices may well be 3d capable. 3d models of critical systems (like the engine of your car) may overlay your view of the real mechanism.]

A-life, AI and autonomous agent research is providing creatures of varying intelligence and behaviour to inhabit rich 3d space.

Current 3d capable game consoles, as well as the machines that Sony and Microsoft already plan to replace them with, are fast enough to simulate a very high level of realism and natural behaviour in real time.

Cheap high bandwidth internet connections, both wireless and cable, are now available to the consumer mass markets of Europe and America.

Even without these advances internet users have already become used to multi-user 3d gaming over networks.

People will inhabit rich and lifelike 3d environments in gaming and other contexts.

Companies have developed high-resolution retinal displays. These displays use lasers to project an image directly onto the retina. These devices overlay computer generated images onto real spaces. Retinal displays small enough to clip on to a pair of glasses will soon be mass market products.

All the creatures, tools and techniques of 3d gaming and simulation can find there way into the real space.

[You can already play quake in real spaces]

The future looks likely to see reality ever more accurately simulated, and that simulation looks likely to find a way into real life.


At September 6, 2004 at 3:50 PM Anonymous said...

good reading, thanks for the interpretation,
you bloggers rock


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