A Quick Note About MVIS #1 Owner

Here's an excerpt from an article about Fidelity's large stake in Google, that mentions MVIS #1 Owner and MVIS Blog Person of the Month for June 2004, Steven Wymer, manager of the Fidelity Growth Company Fund, FDGRX. Mr. Wymer's fund owns about 5% of Microvision.

Fidelity Really Loves Google

"Fidelity has got a great technology research department -- probably one of the best in the country," says John Bonnanzio, group editor at Fidelity Insight, an independent newsletter focusing on Fidelity funds. "If they've taken an interest in this stock, frankly, it says a lot about [Google]."

As for the shares held by the Fidelity Growth Company Fund, "that would be an entirely appropriate place for them to go," says Bonnanzio. Fund manager Steven Wymer, says Bonnanzio, is a committed technology investor with one-third of the fund invested in that area. And with about $22 billion in assets in the fund, says Bonnanzio, "in order to have a meaningful position in Google, he needs to buy a lot."