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Congressman Adam Smith

Congressman Adam Smith Announces Funding Request for Technology for New Stryker Brigade

May 13, 2004 - Congressman Adam Smith (D-Tacoma) announced today that he secured $4.2 million in funding for the Mounted Warrior Nomad Command & Control Heads Up Display (C2HUD). This critical technology will develop a wireless Helmet Mounted Display connectivity between mounted and dismounted crewmen necessary for dispersed operations for both combat vehicles and Stryker configurations.

“This technology has a direct effect on the Stryker Brigade stationed at Fort Lewis,” said Smith. “Giving our fighting men and women the best and most advanced equipment in the world is critical to our success in combat operations. These funds will make significant improvements to what is currently available, including giving soldiers the ability to have full situational awareness and access to important data.”

Smith requested funding through the 2005 Defense Appropriations bill. It is expected that this bill will be finalized before Congress adjourns this year.

Smith Announces Funding for Technology Improvements for Stryker Brigade

July 15, 2004 - Congressman Adam Smith announced today that the Defense Department will spend $2.8 million for a wireless Helmet Mounted Display for the Stryker program.

“Wireless Helmet Mounted Displays allow our soldiers to have full situational awareness without having to look throughout the vehicle for important data,” Smith explained. “I’m extremely pleased that Congress is set to fund these improvements for the Strykers.”

Smith requested the funding as part of the Defense Appropriations bill. The House is expected to pass the legislation next week.

“As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, one of my top priorities is ensuring our soldiers have the tools they need to protect our country,” Smith said.

The Helmet Mounted Display connectivity technology will be purchased from Microvision, a Bothell company.

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