Heroes Are Made, Not Born

So are big cap techs.

Last night, Curt Schilling of the Boston Red Sox showed the grit, toughness and determination that's required to do something extraordinary. He pitched seven innings and gave up just one run to the Yankees, on a severely injured ankle. In a must-win game that forced a deciding game seven, he battled through the pain to deliver one of the finest performances in the history of baseball.

Between innings he sat in the dugout with a towel over his head and his hands over his ears. Maybe he was coping with the pain, maybe he was just staying focused on what he needed to do when it was time to go back out there. But when it was his time, he transcended his physical self and relied on a reservoir of courage to see him, and the team, through to victory.

A legendary performance that will never be forgotten by baseball fans.

To achieve greatness, you need to be courageous. You need to show everyone who says 'it can't be done' that they're just flat wrong. You need to have the persistence to keep going when the odds are against you and the world says you can't go any further. You need to rely on inner strength and conviction to achieve what was thought to be impossible.

It can be done. And last night we saw how.