Kurzweil in CIO Magazine

Machine Dreams

A lot of the equipment that [Information Technology] departments concern themselves with now--routers and servers--will all be gone. There won't be computers on desks. We'll eliminate most of that clutter, certainly by the end of this decade.

Technology will be very mobile; it'll be so small that it'll be virtually invisible. Everybody will be online. Images will be written right to our retinas. We'll have very high-speed bandwidth connections at all times. The computing substrate will be everywhere.

I think it's important to understand that technology and human civilization are deeply integrated and that that integration is going to become more intimate. We're getting closer to our computers. I was talking to a woman yesterday who said her 10-year-old son's notebook is an extension of him. She said it might as well be inside him. Well, soon computers will be inside us. Within one to two decades, we will be able to place nonbiological intelligence inside us, noninvasively.

Don't take my word for it that ambient intelligence, delivered to human beings through Microvision technology, is coming over the next few years. Take it from one of the world's most gifted inventors and clear-thinking futurists. Change is coming. We can all bank on that.