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Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI)

Here's a great post by View on the Yahoo MVIS message board:

RFI was mentioned by RR as intended method of funding additional Nomads in Iraq.

Other Key Actions.

Added substantial funds for force protection and related programs,

including $705 million for up-armored Humvees, $332 million for

add-on armor for Humvees and trucks, $421 million for body armor,

and $517 million for the Army’s Rapid Fielding Initiative. Also

passed a separate measure, H.R. 4323, to provide statutory authority

to the Secretary of Defense to procure equipment needed for

combatant commands rapidly by waiving normal acquisition


Other Key Actions.

Added substantial amounts for force protection and related

measures, including $925 million for up-armored Humvees and

add-on armor (the Administration requested $163 million for 818

up-armored Humvees), $603 million for force protection gear and

combat clothing, and $107 million for the Army Rapid Fielding

Initiative (designed to deploy high priority items rapidly to the

soldiers in the field) and for Army and Marine individual equipment.

FY 05 RFI Additions


M9 Magazines (1137/Set)

Modular M9 Holster (1/M9*)

Fwd Grip Bipod (TBD)

3 Point Sling (1/M16)

Modular Weapon System Kit

-incl. M16 rails (TBD)

Improved Cleaning Kit

M249 Short Barrel (2/Wpn*)

M249 Collapsible Buttstock(1/Wpn*)

M249 Spare Barrel Bag (1/Wpn*)

M240 Spare Barrel Bag (1/Wpn*)

Improved ButtstockM4 (1/Wpn*)

ACCU Wedge -M4/M16 (1/Wpn*)

Force Protection/Mobility

IR Strobe (1/Squad*)

Glint Tape (1/Soldier)

NOMAD (Helmet Mounted Display) (TBD)

ChitosanDressing (TBD)

Soldier Mission Essential Equipment

Foreign Language Translation Capability

-PDA-Like Device (TBD)

One Handed Tourniquet (TBD)

Emergency Bandage

-Israeli Pressure Dressing (TBD)

Modular Sleeping Bag (1/Soldier)

Individual Weapons Optics

Day/Night Sight -M203 (1/Wpn)

Night Vision (PVS-14) Mono-lock (TBD)

Improved Spotting Scope with Tripod (TBD)

* BCT/eSBSet only