Pocketsize cordless laser scanner for mobile security

Pocketsize cordless laser scanner for mobile security

The new Flic cordless laser scanner allows for bar code data collection that enables a security company or department to quickly and continuously monitor individual and group productivity. By bar code labelling strategic points on the security patrol, security personnel can log time and attendance as well as log time on the job.

Thanks to its low acquisition and maintenance costs, the new Flic cordless laser scanner is an ideal tool to monitor the movements of the mobile workforce, including security personnel, says Barry Baetu, managing director at Harmonic Group which supports and supplies the Flic range of scanners in South Africa.

"Ensuring the security teams are providing the service they have been tasked with can sometimes prove costly and complex. The Flic cordless handheld scanner offers the perfect solution. It is not only inexpensive, but simple to use and it is wireless which means it can be used virtually anywhere on a security site," he says.

"The logging capabilities significantly boost the productivity of security guards who would have to report to certain areas and input their whereabouts and status of the patrol area using the handheld device," says Baetu.

"Coupled with a Bluetooth-enabled PDA, the user has a complete portable data terminal. And because it is powered by AAA batteries, the Flic draws no power from a host computer, increasing the mobility of the entire solution," he adds.

The scanner is available in two models: an entry-level version and a Bluetooth model, both of which are supplied with a wide range of accessories and customised software. The device connects wirelessly to a range of devices, including PDAs, Apple Macintosh computers, tablet PCs, smartphones and laptop or desktop PCs.

Under ideal conditions, the Bluetooth-enabled Flic scanner is able to read bar codes up to 15 m away. It also has a built-in 500 bar code memory and auto-reconnect feature, providing users with a virtually unlimited wireless scanning range in realtime.

Other applications for this device include inventory management in retail or manufacturing operations as well as retail point-of-sale for use as a primary (low volume) or exception (high volume) bar code scanner.
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