Acclaim for MVIS Blog

It's been a great year chronicling the convergence of forces that will result in the eventual mega-success of Microvision. Thanks to all the readers who wrote in over the course of the year! I really appreciate your feedback. Here are some of the kind things you've had to say about MVIS Blog during 2004:

"i enjoy your blog page, it is helping me understand the company." B.

"What is a guy to do on a slow day during the week of Christmas? He reads the Blog from start to finish." J.

"the blog's one stop shopping for important items is great." H.

"your blog is increasingly a work of genius and art." D.

"Congratulations to your Blog. It's very interesting." T.

"I so much appreciate your updates on the Microvision Blog." D.

"Your insight is amazing, and I am confident your vision is absolutely correct." D.

"again, my thanks for the mvis blog - you are really doing a great job!!!!!!!!!" S.

"I find myself waking up every morning and checking the MVIS stock price first and then going to your blog next to see if you have anything new to report. Thank you very much and keep up the great work!" P.

"Hello and thank you for the great work on organizing and providing us MVIS supporters with this information." D.

"wanted to say that you're doing a hell of a job on the blog and, quite honestly, are revealing yourself as an extremely clear thinking, balanced and foward looking fellow." D.

"Loved the 'Parallax Scan' - very interesting observations." J.

"Thanks for the great job you do on the Microvision Blog." D.

"I especially enjoy your commentary after each of the items you post. I like to get a long and the short of things from a MVIS fellow long." J.

"Thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work!" P.

"Thanks for doing the Blog, BJ." M.

"just to say thank you for your good work here and some nice greetings from Germany." M.