MVIS Blog Celebrates 20,000 Page Views

I'd just like to take a moment to thank all the readers of MVIS Blog for their support, encouragement and readership over this year. It's been great to hear from those folks that have written in to share their experiences or posted comments on different blog entries.

Tonight I celebrate my 20,000th page view since I started keeping track at the end of June. It's pretty awesome to have reached that many people with my little website (especially considering the advertising budget!). I hope very much that this site has been enjoyable to read and hopefully provided some insight into the the broader picture of advancing technologies and the implications for Microvision and its shareholders.

There are about a million references to Ray Kurzweil on MVIS Blog. When he says that Microvision devices will be in widespread consumer use by 2009 in his book The Age of Spiritual Machines, I take him at face value.

There's just about 4 years between now and the start of 2009. A little over 200 weeks. Around 1000 trading days.

I don't think MVIS Blog will still be updating by then. But hopefully some folks will look back on it using their imagic glasses and think 'hey, that guy saw it all coming beforehand'. Me, and all you guys too.

Here's to an overnight sensation that's been years in the making.