Vietnam to open virtual reality laboratory

NTU designs Vietnam's first virtual reality laboratory

Nanyang Technological University's School of Computer Engineering is helping to design Vietnam's first virtual reality laboratory. The laboratory will be based at the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology's Institute of Information Technology, which is a national research institute of Vietnam.

A team of 10 Nanyang Technological University (NTU) professors and researchers has been working with the Institute of Information Technology (IOIT) since January 2004 to design and set up the laboratory. NTU will continue to have a role in the laboratory even after it is opened in April 2005 as it would still be providing human resource training and technical support to the IOIT.

Dr Le Hai Khoi, the Director of IOIT, says that the IOIT Virtual Reality Laboratory is part of Vietnam's National Key Lab on Network Technology and Multimedia, and represents a major thrust for Vietnam in IT research. Says Dr Le, "We are impressed with NTU's reputation for and expertise in virtual reality and augmented virtual reality, and more so with their willingness to share their expertise."

The IOIT Virtual Reality Laboratory will be equipped with VR technology and applications that are designed by the NTU team. Equipped with such capabilities, the laboratory will also be able to employ virtual reality as a tool for teaching and education.