Smart Objects & Ambient Intelligence

Smart Objects & Ambient Intelligence

October 12th - 14th 2005, Grenoble, FRANCE


The Smart Objects and Ambient Intelligence conference will explore tools and techniques for augmenting environments with smart, networked, interacting objects. This symposium will bring together designers, engineers and researchers to explore two complementary viewpoints :

A device-centric, technology-driven view : concerning physical interaction and processing capabilities for a new generation of networked devices and environments.

A service-centric, user-driven view : exploring human, social and economic impact of new services made possible by the diffusion of ambient communication and interaction technologies.


The symposium addresses the following domains, as pertaining to the broader field of "ambient intelligence" :

Devices : hand-held, wearable, mobile and ambient artefacts combining sensing, actuation, communication and computation.

Embedded technologies : technologies for embedding sensing, actuation, communication, and computation in artefacts.

Distributed software and systems : network and software technologies and infrastructures to support federations of devices and services, from micro-scale to global-scale.

Context Awareness : technologies and methods for endowing objects and environments with awareness of location, time, environmental conditions, human activity and social situation.

Natural Interaction : technologies and methods for enriching communication through expanded human interaction with physical objects and environments.

Security and privacy : user identification & authentication technologies, biometrics, device-centric and network-centric security.

Ergonomics and design : usability, device and interface ergonomics, usage-based assessment and design of smart objects and ambient environments.

Among the members of the Scientific Program Committee are representatives from Philips, Intel, Microsoft, Xerox and MIT Media Lab.