Driving Growth from a Platform: The Ultimate Display

Coming to Your Senses: extraordinary human to electronic interfacing and information delivery solutions

Here are some notes taken from Rick's presentation at the Gilder Telecosm conference on October 20, 2004 courtesy of WirelessEconomy.com.

Driving Growth from a Platform: The Ultimate Display

Rick Rutkowski, CEO, Microvision (NASDAQ: MVIS)

We make optical MEMS for imaging, mostly manifested as microprojectors, as cameras and possibly as laser printer images.

The big picture is that computing/information/media are trying to become mobile/embedded/pervasive so that we can better integrate these media with human activity. The existing technologies fall short because they are too big or too awkward for many applications. These applications are thus "display limited" and can't offer the high bandwidth information delivery available through the eye to the brain. The applications range from handheld computers to cars, tanks and planes.

The first commercial product is a wearable head up display targeted for use by automotive service shops to turn around the increasing frequency of reference to manuals, which kill productivity. It demonstrates the concept of getting information to someone in places where it hasn't been available before. It retails for $4,000 today.

Another application is a head up GPS navigation system for cars. BMW experienced a take rate of 80%, much greater than expected.