Here Come the Vlogs

Here Come the Vlogs

Can’t stand to hear another word about the wonders of blogging? Well, brace yourself, because here comes Version 2.0: vlogging.

Yes, that’s vlogging as in Vladivostok, thus creating a neologism even more awkward than blog. On its surface the vlog is simple: adding video to personal Weblog publishing. For now, vlogging remains an embryonic phenomenon with probably less than a few thousand regular practitioners worldwide. But it already raises a raft of interesting issues ranging from intellectual property protection to the future of text on the Web.

New software, such as Vlog It!, available in May, will make building vlog entries much simpler. Vlog It! is built around a teleprompter script that runs onscreen as your Webcam records your delivery. Commands that you put into the script automatically cut away to other video inserts, such as footage you’ve already shot and edited. The video inserts can start over your shoulder, just like professional TV, and then zoom to full screen.

My own dream is that the Web will mature into a seamless metamedium, in which one can use video, text, graphics, audio or animation at any moment, depending on what you’re trying to say. And even though we’ve struggled for years with how to do that on professional news Web sites, we’re still far from a truly fluid and intuitive solution. Perhaps it will be the vloggers who will help figure out exactly how our metamedium in the making will ultimately play out.