New Neural Substrate

Well, it's finally completed. Or at least, I'm not going to work on it anymore! It's my album, 'New Neural Substrate'. It took me over three years to write and record and produce this album...mostly due to a long hiatus after the birth of my son in 2003. But I definitely put in a lot of hours trying to make this record as good as I could.

NNS is a concept album about what happens to us when computers become powerful enough to store us. If the fundamental patterns of thought, memory and emotion that make up our identity could be encoded and emulated by ultra-powerful computers sometime in the future, we could all become immortal. And live out our lives as routines in a massive simulator. Or something.

Those of you who enjoy rock music and science fiction together may want to download these tracks to your iPods. It sounds a lot like Rush, but without that guy screeching like he dropped a bowling ball on his foot. What I'm after are rich, saturated guitar sounds -- very crunchy in places, but never sounding like metal. Metal is so sort of nasal and tinny and small sounding. I wanted something with lots of variety, lots of dynamic range, lots of harmonics stacked up on top of each other. And lots of solos. I play a lot of guitar solos but you'll notice there's not a lot of ripping. OK, maybe a little.

Probably my favorites are 'Photonic Dreams', 'Don't Resist the Change', 'Elevations', and 'Only the Earth'. But each one is special to me for its own reasons. Encoded at the maximum bit rate for true mp3 high-fidelity. Who cares about file size anyway in the era of 60 gig iPods? Anyway, enjoy! And definitely write in and tell me what you think, or post a comment or something. I've been keeping this thing a secret for a loooong time. I'd love to know what people think of it. Thanks everybody!

New Neural Substrate:
1. Memories Will Disappear
2. Through the Ceiling
3. Elevations
4. Don't Resist the Change
5. Engines Of Creation
6. Swarm
7. Combine Minds
8. Photonic Dreams
9. Wind Shadow
10. Woven
11. Escape Velocity
12. Only the Earth