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Does anybody really seriously think that the near future isn't going to look a whole lot like the picture on the left above of the 'augmented city'?

That cities won't be teeming with virtual images superimposed on reality?

That advertisers won't appreciate the value of integrating with the real world in a way that seems to 'brand' the earth itself?

That augmented reality services will not be a major market force -- tying together grid computing, location and context-aware software and wireless networks to create seamless, persistent, personalized portable computing environments?

Then we have the picture on the right, the view through the monochrome red Nomad. This is the critical piece of infrastructure to enabling the augmented city. The Nomad is the real world prototype of merging digital information onto your field of view -- while accessing server-based content on a mobile, thin-client computer. Within a short time, this phenomenon of augmented reality displays and mobile thin-client computing will break the surface and crawl up on land. And it will change the world as we know it.

The Nomad, currently $4,000 and mono-red, will become a low cost, full-color, eyeglass display with a miniature wearable computer. It will become the human interface to the world of digital information -- all the while allowing us to maintain our awareness of our 'real reality'. Because Microvision's augmented reality displays don't block out your view of the real world. The see-through display can disappear as fast as your eye can change its focus.

To me, it just seems obvious. Either Microvision itself, or some firm that buys out the company at some point in the future is going to commercialize the company's patents on augmented reality displays. And these patents will prove to be among the most valuable pieces of intellectual property in the history of mankind.

Call me crazy. But if you think George Gilder and Ray Kurzweil are just nuts when they talk about Microvision in the mass market, if you think that augmented and virtual reality are just catch phrases with no market potential, I think you may think differently in a short while.

Look at the pictures. Think about the implications.

From the spark, the conflagration.


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