MVIS Blog Celebrates 40,000 Page Views

It is pretty amazing to reach so many people with my website and my thoughts on the future of technology. Microvision's role in the emergence of a new wave of wireless, wearable immersive consumer electronics devices is still nascent. But when Bill Gates starts talking about Microvision displays as an alternative to LCD screens in cell phones you get the feeling that we aren't unknown to the people that are really driving the bleeding edge tech of the near future.

[Microvision displays] also could be used with mobile phones, Gates said, as a sort of wearable computer that provides what he says is "glanceable information."

"The cost still needs to come down before this can be imminent, but if somebody's calling you, this could show you on the heads-up display who is calling," he said. "That would sure be better than going into your pocket and pulling out a phone."

It is fun to write this website and see dramatic progress in such a tangible form. I sincerely appreciate the well wishes, ideas and advice from those of you who write in. And I'm grateful for the readership of all the folks who visit daily.

Contact becomes momentum which becomes critical mass.
All I know for sure is, we're rolling now.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for full MVIS Blog coverage of tomorrow's 1Q05 Conference Call.