Nintendo ON Speculation Frenzy Seizes the Blogosphere

Nintendo ON Movie (wmv)

Nintendo Revolution: More to Come?

Nintendo Manipulation

Next Mario to be Stereo…Scopic?!?!

Revolution Video (fake?)

Nintendo fans and lifelong gamers are blown away by the 'Nintendo ON' movie that shows the entire history of Nintendo, culminating in a radical head-mounted gaming device called 'Nintendo ON'. Rumors on numerous gaming blogs have it that Nintendo will making some kind of announcement relating to their next generation platform, code-named 'Revolution' tomorrow at the E3 show. Some sites are claiming that the 'Nintendo ON' movie is a fake developed by some Spanish grad student who made the whole thing in a week. Personally, I find that hard to believe, based on the astounding production quality and sheer inventiveness of the movie. At the very least, this video shows the potential future direction of gaming consoles, a direction seemingly very compatible with Microvision's recently announced LED widescreen high-resolution wearable display platform. Fascinating, mind-blowing stuff for a long-time Nintendo fan like me and a must see for MVIS investors.