Technical Manuals Go 3D

Animated Brake Assembly Diagram
Animation requires Adobe Reader 7 (free download).

PDFs are going 3D. And they're now capable of playing animations and complex 3D renderings that can be manipulated and viewed from any angle using your mouse, courtesy of Silicon Valley company Right Hemisphere. Click inside the Brake Assembly window in the PDF and you'll launch an awesome 3D animation that shows the brake being taken apart, screw by screw, and how all the parts fit together.

Clearly, this is the way things are going. That which had been a flat, two-dimensional representation, is moving to full 3D, user-controlled animation. For the repair and assembly/disassembly of complex equipment, there is tremendous value in having a 3D animated rendering of your procedure, viewable from any angle, right at your fingertips.

This value is multiplied if the information is overlayed on your field of vision, so that the diagram is animating in the space in front of you, while you also look at the real life object that you're in the process of repairing. The move to 3D, user-controlled animated technical documentation like car, truck and aircraft repair manuals, will become a key driver for head-up wearable displays like Nomad Expert Technician System.


  1. BJ,

    Absolutely amazing! I didn't realize that this cabability was built into Adobe. When I opened the PDF I was expecting a static description of how it would really work and was totally surprised when it actually did. Even the light shading changes while you rotate the object.


  2. Hey Dan,

    ain't that something? It's like I always find myself saying..."all signs point to Yes."

    Rock on,

  3. Help - I could not get any anination. I even downloaded the latest Adobe Reader (took almost 15 minutes).
    I was anxious to see this as it sounds fantastic.

  4. if you click inside the main window, the 2d picture should turn 3d. there's a 'play animation' button on the bottom of the frame.


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