Turn It Up, Man

What's up everybody? I'm totally astonished by the surge in visitors over the course of this month. Each of you should feel free to drop me an email, or add comments to any post.

It's kind of a wild thing. Hundreds of people are reading this thing...what do they think about all this? Are these thoughts and ideas (OK, fine, obsessions) cogent? Do they add up to something? I dunno.

But it sure would be interesting to know what all these people think about it!


  1. I dunno, I was just Googling around one day, searching for decently priced HMDs, when I remembered Microvision. One link led to another and I found myself at your blog. WOW! I couldn't believe I'd stumbled across such an insightful resource. When MVIS comes out with their first consumer models, I'm sure you'll be the first on the scene to report it to the blogosphere. Congrats on some truly inspirational reporting! ^_^

  2. thanks much, Paco! glad you found your way here. wonder what you're going to use your HMD for? If $4 grand isn't too much, and monochrome red is just right, I know one that could meet your needs...and it comes with a Wi-Fi wearable computer!

    If I get stupid rich somehow (well there's only one or two ways that could happen) I plan to buy a Nomad. But I have to admit after trying the Spectrum that full color is an entirely different experience!

    Thanks again for reading!

  3. I felt truly glad to find this MVIS blog. It is informative and refreshing. I am looking forward to the day when we all become not only stupid rich but filthy rich. Thanks for this site.

  4. Hey, Ben. Unfortunately, 4 grand is a bit rich for the Nomad at this point in my life. It is my dream, however, to obtain a truly portable computer system akin to the "gargoyles" from Neil Stephenson's Snow Crash. I've always wondered what it would be like to bend any range of the electromagnetic spectrum into its visible light representation (read: see in IR, UV, THz imaging, magnetic fields?). This would, of course, require a full color display. I think it would also be excellent for augmented reality applications. I'm thinking of creating a nice navigational HUD based off the Google Maps service. Now, if only a decent wireless data plan was available in my area =/

  5. sounds awesome, Paco.
    if I worked at MVIS I would give you a Nomad so you could design your Google Maps AR application. That's exactly the kind of thing that I think would be absolutely huge -- new software that utilizes the head-up capabilities in an outdoor, roaming around environment -- leveraging the existing mapping/gis/gps software and just moving that into the head-up domain.


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