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The Power of a Moment

Happy belated Father's Day to all the blog reader dads out there. This evening after I got home from work my little boy was kind of tired and I got him a bottle. He eagerly took the bottle and my wife scooped him up and just cuddled with him as he drank it. After he finished it, he fell fast asleep. My wife and I just looked at each other, a few times, smiling over this really special, tender moment. A little boy who loves his mommy. We silently marveled at just how big he's gotten over the last year and a half. We were just held in that moment and I felt deep down a sense of renewal.

It's amazing how powerful a moment can be. We had been running ourselves ragged trying to keep up with him over the last few weeks, just wondering where we were going to get the energy to do it all over again, at the crack of dawn the next day. And then here is just this little bit of time to reflect and feel good and draw a little bit of energy back into our hearts and minds. It was like a long drink of water on a hot day.

It's a challenge for me sometimes to reconcile the disconnect between what I perceive as the value of Microvision, and what the rest of the stock buying public perceives. As evidenced by the stock price, the compelling case for the stock and the company that I see hasn't really hit the mainstream media just yet. It is hard to wait. And it is hard to not know what is going to happen, even when you feel pretty sure about it.

Some people have made big bets on Microvision and also have big bets in some other places too. There are good cases to be made for this approach. But for better or worse, as you all know, I am totally concentrated in this stock. So it kind of magnifies that feeling of emotion and it can be a little draining. You just want to be right. Especially when you tell everybody you know about it and start up a whole website and it actually becomes a big part of your life. This thing is important to me. For a lot of reasons.

So it is wonderful to have those moments where you just think, 'if I died tomorrow, I'd think I had a good life'. That's how powerful some moments can be. You can feel a sense of renewal and possibility in light of some of challenging realities.

Anything is possible -- but it is a long road to changing the world. Wishing all the employees and shareholders of Microvision some moments of renewal to energize their spirits and stay focused on the goal ahead, and there can be no other goal: the ubiquitous scanned-beam display. I will not rest in my pursuit of achieving this goal, even if it is only as a writer and a shareholder and an invested observer. May the people with the power to drag the dream into existence find that reservoir of inner strength to overcome any obstacles, find the focus to execute with precision, and always keep close to the passion that brought them to where they are today.

Lives can turn in new directions at any moment. We are all watching to see which way you guys will turn the world for us.


At June 21, 2005 at 11:05 AM Anonymous said...

My wife & I am heavily invested in MVIS. I share your every thought.


At June 21, 2005 at 11:31 AM Anonymous said...

me too, since 1998. :)

At June 22, 2005 at 1:24 PM Anonymous said...

Our family, too. I have every confidence, though, that this is the right thing to do.

At June 23, 2005 at 8:56 PM Anonymous said...

I remember reading an article on retinal scanning displays in an IEEE magazine and the immediate thought was wow! this is going to be big... but then i didnt know the company which was going to commercialize it. Now that im no longer a student this is my first and only stock investment but i have wondered why have the cell phone manufacturers not woken up to it i work for a cellphone company and the management seems to be going nuts about innovation these days why havent they looked here... do they know better ? although i for good reasons would prefer them to remain ignorant until MVIS really makes the splash its capable of until then my position wud only increase with more shares


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