Mr. Tokman, Bring Me a Dream

What happens when Microvision's incredible technology platform is driven by a proven manager with a history of outstanding accomplishments at America's most respected company? How does that change the perception of the company and it's ability to capitalize on opportunities?

It is indeed all about perception with this or any other stock -- what it is that people see when they look at something. Mr. Tokman had to have looked at this opportunity from every angle and determined that over the next several years, he had a better chance to bring 'truly extraordinary market opportunities' to light with Microvision than at GE.

It is exciting when someone who has clearly demonstrated a history of driving revenue growth sees things the way you do and decides to align his future with yours. It is outstanding to think that someone who oversaw a product rollout that created $500 million in 'incremental organic revenue' wants to do the same or better with Microvision and all the product opportunities that we are pursuing.

We now have a proven manager from one of the best run, most successful companies in America making the decisions that will drive the day-to-day operations of Microvision. This is a significant development, and bodes extremely well for the future of the company.

But even before he has had a chance to do any work, he has already made an impact. What is happening is the systematic removal of any doubt of our chances for success. Strengthening the management team with an outstanding operations guy is the first step in the transformation of Microvision from an R&D company to a full-fledged business force. Strengthening the balance sheet will allow us to move faster on the opportunities that present themselves, and help illuminate the road to profitability without the questions of further dilution and financing rounds hanging in the balance.

The pieces of a technology juggernaut are being put in place. It is, without a doubt, a very exciting time.

Let's get ready to rumble...!