What Do I Think?

I think this company is going to be freaking gigantic. I think this company is the next Intel. I think I've never felt more confident about our prospects and our position than I do at this moment.

I think that people who are short this company are going to get their asses kicked back to the stone age. I think that it takes courage and commitment and endurance to hang on to your vision when everyone else in the world seemingly doesn't share it with you. It takes an unshakeable faith in your own power of perception and the confidence to believe in yourself that you really can know what others can not.

I think that this company is so undervalued right now, it is absolutely ridiculous. Maybe the market only values past performance and the promise of technological change and progress is lost on people right now. I think people are scared of success. I think people are afraid to win.

Not me. Not anymore. Bring it on, world. I think this is going to work. And it is going to be bigger than almost anyone is imagining.


  1. Here here! Couldn't agree more. Thanks for the great posts and for your excellent ASM coverage.

  2. LOL. You added the pitcher picture later didn't you? I almost left a message reading "What flavor was it" when I first read the post, now I revisit and BAM!!! There's the photo. Too funny. Thx again for the notes.

    You didn't eat the croissants did you??

    I'm keeping the clutch in with the transmission in neutral. I need some time and additional info before I pick a gear and a direction.


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